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Bitcoin over $ 19,000 drops Ethereum, Ripple’s XRP and Altcoins – what’s next?

The price of Bitcoin surpassed $ 19,000 on November 24th and hit $ 19,299 on Binance. As BTC rebounded, major alternative cryptocurrencies fell dramatically – including Ethereum and Ripple’s XRP. It remains to be seen whether the trend of profits … Continue reading

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Decentralised Finance (DeFi): YFI, UNI, COMP and UMA with massive price correction in October

The Bitcoin course has shown enormous strength over the past 30 days. The Bitcoin price rose by 30 percent in October alone. While BTC is rising, the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) market looks deep red. The majority of the largest DeFi … Continue reading

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Deutsche Bank: Inwestorzy coraz częściej wybierają Bitcoin zamiast Gold to Hedge Dollar Risk, Inflacja

Strateg Deutsche Bank, Jim Reid, napisał podobno, że inwestorzy coraz częściej domagają się używania bitcoinu zamiast złota do zabezpieczania ryzyka dolarowego i inflacji. Jego badania zgadzają się z jednym z niedawno opublikowanych przez analityków JPMorgan, który pokazuje inwestorów instytucjonalnych przechodzących … Continue reading

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Yearn Finance’s New Safe Aims to Replenish Lost Cash

Yearn’s new safe locks CRV tokens for four years. Yearn Finance’s liquidity has fallen 63% in the past two months. The promise of long-term returns can help replenish collateral Yearn Finance’s latest liquidity farming pool was launched as the DeFi … Continue reading

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